• Affected by the epidemic, 3 stations including the IAAF Diamond League Shanghai and Shenzhen were postponed
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Affected by the epidemic, 3 stations including the IAAF Diamond League Shanghai and Shenzhen were postponed
Screenshot of the IAAF official website.Beijing News (Reporter Xu Bangyin) On March 17, the IAAF announced on the official website that it was affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, including Doha Station, Shenzhen Station, and Shanghai Station.Unable to meet antiques on schedule, all will be postponed to the second half of the antiques, the establishment time is to be determined.The IAAF said in the announcement that due to the increasing number of countries and regions affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the Doha Station on April 17, the Shenzhen Station on May 10, and the Shanghai League Diamond League on May 16 could notAs expected in ancient times, “After a consensus with the organizing committee, the local government and the sports management department, the decision was finally made.”Diamond League has always been the focus of the IAAF season, thanks to the mature tournament system and high bonuses, Diamond League participation and attention is extremely high.Before the year, the most important change in the Diamond League this year was the expansion of the army. The Shenzhen station became a new member of this event. A total of 15 races this season, the first three races were affected.The IAAF revealed that because Qatar has restricted the entry of citizens from some countries and regions, and at the same time suspended all local, international activities for 30 days, the Doha station had to be postponed.Although the number of supplementary cases in China has been reduced, the scheduled work of the two stations has changed. Several weeks, coupled with the recent immigration policy, temporarily cannot organize this level of international competitions. Therefore, Shenzhen Station and Shanghai StationChoose a game.According to the current arrangements of the IAAF, the replacement date for the Shanghai station is tentatively scheduled for August 13, and the match dates for the Doha and Shenzhen stations are to be determined.If the global epidemic situation is relatively optimistic, the above two races will reach the Diamond League finals, and this season the Diamond League finals will be held on September 11 in Zurich, Switzerland.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Li Xiangling