• All-Star Game Lao Ma and Wang Shaojie become opponents, Zhou Qi wants to show skills
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All-Star Game Lao Ma and Wang Shaojie become opponents, Zhou Qi wants to show skills
The full list of 2020 CBA All-Star Weekends announced today that Marbury will lead the CBA Xing Rui team and his disciple Wang Shaojie will return to the college team.In addition, two major insiders Zhou Qi and Hu Jinqiu appeared in the skill challenge list.The skill challenge is full of highlights.Figure / CBA official website Air Force announced the All-Star game list, Beijing Shougang men’s basketball team Jeremy Lin and Zhai Xiaochuan were elected as the North District starter, Fang Shuo and North Control team’s Sun Yue is the North District bench.In the list of individual events announced today, Fang Shuo participated in the Skills Challenge, and he won this championship at the 2015 All-Star Weekend.This year’s skill competition includes almost the top domestic defenders, in addition to Fang Shuo, Guo Ailun, Zhao Rui, Hu Mingxuan and other national players.What’s more worth mentioning is that Zhou Qi and Hu Jinqiu also appeared on the roster. The performance of two inside players is more exciting than who will win the championship.Marbury will coach the CBA Xing Rui team.Figure / CBA official website This year’s Xing Rui Challenge will continue to be led by CBA Xing Rui players against college students. The “Rookie” coach Marbury’s CBA Xing Rui team is led by 2017 draft champion Chen Yingjun and 2018 champion Jiang Yuxing.And Ma Yinshuai’s Zhengyin disciples in Beijing’s men’s basketball team “returned” to the status of college students, and once again joined Peking University alumni Zhang Ning and Zhu Mingzhen, He Siyu, Liu Yuchen and Jia Mingru, three new college student players who will land in the CBA this season, will also help the college team.Xingrui Challenge Complete List CBA Xingrui Head Coach: Marbury (Beijing) Assistant Coach: Li Xiaoyong (Beijing) Players: Chen Yingjun (Dragon Lion), Jiang Weize, Jiang Yuxing (Jilin), Wang Junjie (August 1), XuJie, Du Runwang (Guangdong), Zhu Junlong (Guangsha), Huang Rongqi (Jiangsu), Meng Zikai, Jin Xin (Tianjin), Liu Chuanxing (Qingdao), Yuan Zhenliang (Sichuan) Chinese University Basketball Team Coach: Bai Jiang (Central South University) Assistant Coach: Zhang Jian (Peking University) Players: Zhang Ning, Zhu Mingzhen, Zhao Baiqing (Peking University), Wang Shaojie (Beijing), He Siyu (Tianjin), Jia Mingru (Dragon Lion), Liu Yuchen (Zhejiang), Wang Lanyu (Tsinghua University),Chen Guohao (Guangdong University of Technology), Li Weihao (Beijing University of Chemical Technology), Li Zhanglin (Central South University), Meng Xiang (Huaqiao University) Skill Challenge List Guo Ailun (Liaoning), Hu Jinqiu (Guangsha), Zhou Qi (Xinjiang),Fang Shuo (Beijing), Zhao Rui (Guangdong), Hu Mingxuan (Guangdong), Jiang Weize (Jilin), Li Bairun (Tong Xi), Chen Peidong (Shandong), Wang Junjie (August 1), Wang Lanyu (invited Tsinghua University), Li Mingyang(Specially Invited Foreign Card Players) Three-Point Long Shot Contest List Kolanbak Makan (Xinjiang), Former Coach (Shanxi), Chen Linjian (Fujian), Zheng Jun (Dragon Lion), Zhang Qingpeng (Shandong), Jiang Weize (Jilin), Yang Linyi (Shenzhen), Meng Xiang (invited Overseas Chinese University) slam dunk contest list Kai Feld (Xinjiang), Qi Lin (Xinjiang), Zhu Junlong (Guangsha), Meng Zikai (Tianjin), Tang Haobo (Tianjin)Invited Jilin University), Yi Jinhong (invited foreign card player) 3X3 match list CBA3X3 team coach: Tang Tao (Shanghai Men ‘s Basketball Youth Team) Players: Yan Peng, Ju Mingxin (Shanghai), Chen Peidong (Shandong), leftMy Year (Sichuan).Chinese college student 3X3 basketball league team coach: Zheng Jun (China Civil Aviation University) Players: Jia Mingru (Dragon Lion), Chen Guohao (Guangdong University of Technology), Meng Xiang (Huaqiao University), Bi Jinchuan (China Civil Aviation University).Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Chen Diyan