• FBI official: Fifa is investigating beautiful football not to be tarnished
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FBI official: Fifa is investigating beautiful football not to be tarnished
In response to the corruption of senior officials within FIFA, the FBI (F.B.I) Attended the press conference, and US Attorney General Loretta Lynch also attended the conference.US Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I) A press conference released by Lynch stated that the 2010 World Cup hosting rights were obtained by South Africa, but in the process of competing for the hosting rights, senior FIFA officials have committed corruption.The same is true of the 2011 FIFA presidential election.Today’s action is a reward for the unlimited efforts of US law enforcement personnel.I would like to thank everyone involved, who dedicated their time and ingenuity to this operation.  Subsequently, James B Comey, director of the FBI, also gave an interview.He said: No one can override the law.Football is a beautiful sport, because no matter where you come from, you can enjoy its beauty.It encourages billions of people around the world.However, now football has been hijacked.Now, the playing field of football is controlled by some people. They do not hesitate to sacrifice the interests of the country and children to make huge profits for individuals.We want to let everyone know that this kind of behavior is undesirable, and this should not be the case.Until then, we will not stop the investigation.  Richard Webb is the head of the Criminal Investigation Division of the US Integrated Tax System (US Criminal Investigation Division).  His article: At present, the amount of corruption crimes identified has reached 1.$5.1 billion.The suspects have engaged in a complicated money laundering conspiracy, and their deposits in foreign bank accounts have reached tens of millions.This is to use the World Cup to defraud, and now we show the red card to FIFA.For fans, today is a good day.In the fight against football corruption, money laundering and tax evasion, we stood together.This has nothing to do with football, it is about the law.  At present, the arrested senior FIFA officials face more than 47 charges.In the past 24 years, they have received 1 repayment through illegal means such as corruption.$5.1 billion.Among them, many of them used Bank of America to accept bribes.The US Federal Bureau of Investigation predicts that the football market development problems and broadcast rights issues that occurred in the Americas and Latin America in the past 20 years will be investigated.The Swiss Federal Judiciary expects to investigate the question of voting in the venue of the 18 and 22 World Cups.Conduct investigations without interfering with each other.