• Broadway actors sing the classic verse of Miserable World
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Broadway actors sing the classic verse of “Miserable World”
Recently, Broadway actor Jordan Grubb and other actors in isolation at home sang together and produced a video of “One Day More”, the classic soundtrack of “Miserable World”. Each performer sang the classic aria of this musical.At the same time, all retain the characteristics of their roles, so it has caused great repercussions on major networks.”One Day More” is one of the classics in the musical “Miserable World”. It consists of solo, multi-sing and chorus. The plot described is that on the eve of the uprising decisive battle, at the critical moment when the protagonists face major life choices, theyThe voice of the coming different fate.Affected by the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, Broadway in New York, the United States announced that all entertainment venues have been closed and all performances have been suspended, so Broadway musical actors have also begun to live in isolation.>>> Broadway in the United States closed all theaters. The day before, it was stated that it would continue to operate saunas and night nets. Liu Zhen Editor Wu Longzhen Proofreader He Yan