• “Wait for me to finish,”Chen Geng waved his hand:“But who said I want to subsidize the entire Hafei factory?”
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Wang Dazhi was stunned:Isn’t it so?
“I said very clearly,Is subsidized shipping—11TComrades of the project team,”Chen Geng said:“Up to production03Individual comrades of the prototype,I believe these people will not exceed300,Right?”
Wang Dazhi smiled bitterly:I think too much,Also,Why does Chen Geng subsidize the entire Hafei Factory??
He wanted to say“Luck—11TThe project is the crystallization of the wisdom of the entire Hafei”of,But he swallowed it back:The cooperation between the two parties has entered the final stage,Offend the big boss of the future at this time,Interesting?
But even so,Wang Dazhi is still a little melancholy:Don’t suffer from being scarce but suffer from unevenness,How can I talk to others in the factory4000Many people who didn’t get the subsidy confessed?For what luck—11TComrades in the project team can get more every month130Bucks,Other comrades can only receive their wages?Ugh……
For Wang Dazhi’s psychological activities,Chen Geng’s heart is like a mirror,He smiled and patted Wang Dazhi on the shoulder:“This will trouble Manager Wang……Ok,I know the job is not easy to do,It is estimated that many comrades will have opinions,Tell everyone when you do ideological work for comrades after you go back,This situation is only temporary,Please understand and overcome,After our cooperation is officially reached,Everyone’s monthly income will at least increase on the existing basis30%。”
“Mr. Chen,What you said is true?”
Wang Dazhi’s eyes widened suddenly:Higher than current salary30%what,That means everyone’s income can basically enter100Yuan threshold。
Wang Dazhi knows very well,As soon as this promise comes out,Even if the people below have opinions,Good job:Before every month70When the salary is more than one dollar,I didn’t see you jumping?right now,In a few months you will get hundreds of wages,Not yet satisfied?
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