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Yi Xian Qianxi sang the emotional song “Nian Xiang”
On November 1, the movie “You’re You” released the MV for the emotional song “Nian Xiang” sung by the lead actor Yi Xian Qian Xi.One year after the movie’s killing, Yi Xian Qianxi put on Xiaobei’s hoodie and peaked cap in the play, changed back to Xiaobei’s rough makeup, and entered Xiaobei’s world again.In the MV, a beam of chasing and singing sings on the top of Yi Xi Qianxi’s head, and Chen Nian and Xiao Bei’s acquaintance moves along and shifts their singing.The “Missing” MV is directed by Zeng Guoxiang and Yu Jingping is in the mirror. Back to the familiar team integration, Qian Xi can regain the feeling of being in the crew one summer ago.At the beginning of the filming, director Zeng Guoxiang said, “It’s very simple, just one or two shots.”However, after shooting N times, facing the director’s meticulous demands, Qian Xi was directly exhausted.However, Qianxi, who is serious and dedicated, just put herself in front of the camera, and finally sang with tears in her eyes. The director after monitoring also focused on his singing, and called Qianxi directly after the shooting.”Handing a tissue.”Produced by Xu Yuezhen, directed by Zeng Guoxiang, Zhou Dongyu, and Yi Xian Qianxi, “Youn of the Youth” will be released nationwide on October 25. Before the release of the manuscript, the film will be released for 8 days and the box office will gain 8.64 billion.Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Xu Meilin proofreads Wei Zhuo