• An employee of Dongfang Assets took tens of millions of bribes and pulled out the real estate dark horse Zhonghong
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An employee of Dongfang Assets took tens of millions of bribes and pulled out the real estate dark horse Zhonghong
“Recently, the company carried out attention education through an online conference call. At the meeting, the” Notice on Violation of Zhao Jinning, a former employee of Dongfang Bangxin Real Estate Co., Ltd. “was communicated, and at the same time, it made new requirements for the opportunity to gradually fight corruption and promote integrity.”.The above information comes from the official website of Dongfang Bangxin Venture Capital Co., Ltd., which stated that Dongfang Venture Capital carried out case early warning education, strictly controlled risks, strengthened the supervision and supervision of power, and continuously improved the institutionalization and scientificization of integrity risk prevention and controlLevel.Dongfang Venture Capital is one of the central enterprises of Dongfang Assets.Recently, Sauna and Yewang learned from the Chinese Judges Document Network that the Zhao Jinning case has been sentenced. In 2017, he cooperated with others to provide assistance for Jinan Zhonghong Plaza project financing, and illegally received Zhonghong shares in the name of additional “financial consultant fees”.The benefit fee is RMB 1324.620,000 yuan.Sauna, Yewang noticed that the involved Jinan Zhonghong Plaza was once the core project of Jinan CBD that real estate dark horse Zhonghong was committed to building. The total investment is expected to be nearly 3.5 billion. The actual controller behind Zhonghong is the mysterious rich man Wang Yonghong, hisAnother identity is the financial predator Lai Xiaomin.However, after Zhonghong’s capital chain was broken and Zhonghong’s shares were delisted, the future of Zhonghong Assets, including inside Jinan Zhonghong Plaza, was uncertain.On the afternoon of March 20, the reporter called Bangxin Real Estate and Zhonghong, but no response was received.On the afternoon of March 24, the reporter called Oriental Ventures, but the call was not connected.Dongfang Assets’ employee bribery verdict shows that the defendant, Zhao Jinning, male, was born on November 4, 1986 in Jiyuan City, Henan Province. The Han nationality, university culture, and former deputy director of the investment and financing department of Dongfang Bangxin Real Estate Co., Ltd. lived in Beijing YizhuangDistrict; was arrested on May 22, 2019 for alleged bribery and was intercepted on August 28 of the same year; he is currently detained in Beijing No. 1 Detention Center.The Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court’s (2019) Beijing 02 Xingchu No. 132 Criminal Judgment in November 2019 showed that in 2017, the defendant Zhao Jinning took advantage of Dongfang Bangxin Real Estate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bangxin Real Estate”)) The deputy director of the Investment and Financing Department and other positions facilitated the financing of Jinan Zhonghong Plaza project and illegally received the benefit fee of RMB 1,324 from Zhonghong Holdings Co., Ltd. in the name of an additional “financial consultant fee”.620,000 yuan.Among them, Zhao Jinning actually received RMB 2.85 million.The state-owned Bangxin Real Estate Department where Zhao Jinning originally worked is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the state-owned China Oriental Asset Management Co., Ltd.Regarding Zhonghong, Shandong Zhonghong Real Estate Co., Ltd. holds 51% of the shares indirectly by Zhonghong Co., Ltd. and 49% by China Construction Trust Co., Ltd .; Zhonghong Zhuoye Group is solely owned by Zhonghong Real Controller Wang YonghongHoldings.Regarding Zhao Jinning’s acceptance of Shandong Zhonghong Real Estate Co., Ltd. 1324.The evidence of 620,000 yuan, the original financing director of Zhonghong Zhuoye Group Co., Ltd. listed in the judgment, and the testimony of witness Zhou showed that in 2017, Shandong Zhonghong Real Estate Co., Ltd. mortgaged the housing and land use rights of Jinan Zhonghong Plaza projectFinancing from Bangxin Real Estate 14.8.2 billion.During this process, Zhao Jinning claimed to add another financial advisory agreement, accounting for 1% of the total amount of financing, and proposed that everyone involved in the project financing can be allocated.Zhonghong Holdings has paid more than 12 million yuan to third-party companies, and it has paid about 2.6 million to the company account provided by department head Xu Mou, and has withdrawn 2.85 million yuan to Zhao Jinning in multiple times.The Second Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing believed that the defendant Zhao Jinning, as a national staff member, took advantage of his position to obtain the money from the business unit illegally and sought benefits for the business unit. His behavior has constituted a crime of bribery and is usually specialIt is huge and should be fined according to law.The court ruled that the accused Zhao Jinning was guilty of bribery and sentenced to 10 years in prison with a sum of RMB 500,000; and continued to recover RMB 34 million from the accused Zhao Jinning and RMB 80,68 thousand seized on the caseThousand seven hundred and seventy-three yuan and nine cents were initially confiscated and turned over to the treasury.On the afternoon of March 20, the reporter called the managers of Bangxin Real Estate and Shandong Zhonghong Real Estate, but the calls were not connected.The reporter called Zhonghong Zhuoye Group, and the voice prompted that the number was Zhonghong Group. After the call was connected, the other party said that he was a new security guard. The company is currently not working, and only two or three security guards are left behind.In the case of Jinan Zhonghong Plaza, three legal auctions were not completed. The development company has been filed for bankruptcy. The Jinan Zhonghong Plaza involved in the Zhao Jinning bribery case is owned by Shandong Zhonghong Real Estate Co., Ltd., and the merger belongs to Zhonghong.According to public information, Jinan Zhonghong Plaza is located in the CBD area of the city. The predecessor of the project was the “Qide International Financial Center” under the name of Kai Tak Property. In 2014, the project was judicially auctioned, and Zhong Hong took over and renamed it as Zhong Hong Square.According to Zhonghong’s 2015 annual report, its total investment in Jinan Zhonghong Plaza project is expected to reach 34.9.1 billion yuan.In a press of the WeChat public account of Zhonghong Square in August 2016, Zhonghong Square was described as “the highest point of the Jinan CBD built at the core of the district with a 318-meter Jinan skyline.”Public information shows that since the breach of contract at the end of 2017, Zhonghong’s debt crisis has continued to ferment, and it has been involved in events such as serial asset freezing, downgrading, arrears of funds, and debt default.Zhonghong Co., Ltd. has tried several times to attract foreign aid for self-rescue. It closed the cooperation with Jiaduobao “Luoshengmen” and ushered in the joint trusteeship between the Zhongzhi Department and the state-owned assets.However, these efforts have worked. Zhonghong shares were finally delisted from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in December 2018.After the delisting of A shares, Zhonghong shares were transferred to the old third board, which will be listed and transferred from December 6, 2019. The stock will be referred to as “Zhonghong 1”.Obviously, in June last year, there was news in the media that Wang Yonghong, the actual controller of Zhonghong Holding in Hong Kong and overseas, had been brought to court.Sauna and Yewang found from the verdict that Zhao Jinning ‘s bribery case was the actual controller of Zhonghong Holdings Co., Ltd., and the testimony of “Witness Wang 1” was corroborated.The testimony provided by Wang 1 showed that Xu Mou, vice president of Zhonghong Zhuoye Finance Company, reported that in order to thank Bangxin Real Estate Company for its financing support and continued cooperation in the future, an additional “financial consultant fee” must be paid, and he finally agreed.This fee is a benefit fee to the person in charge of Bangxin Real Estate Company. The fee is about 1% of the financing amount, totaling more than 10 million yuan.After leaving the market, where will Zhonghong’s real estate projects left behind go?Sauna, Yewang noticed that in June 2019, Zhonghong announced that the company and China Huarong Overseas Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. and Zhongjin Capital Operation Co., Ltd. signed the “Letter of Intent for Restructuring and Cooperation”.In addition, according to Zhonghong’s announcement in October last year, the work is being supplemented.Allegedly, Ali Judicial Auction Platform, Jinan Zhonghong Plaza experienced three auctions in the second half of 2019, but none of them were completed.The first auction conducted in July 2019 was re-auctioned after adjustment due to the increase in the scope of the subject matter of the auction.The second auction auction in August 2019.On September 18, 2019, the Intermediate People’s Court of Jinan City, Shandong Province, based on the application of Shenzhen Fangda Jianke Group Co., Ltd., decided to replace the case of bankruptcy and liquidation of Shandong Zhonghong Real Estate Co., Ltd. Jinan Zhonghong Plaza was originally scheduled for September 20, 2019The third auction, which began every day, was suspended.Currently, Jinan Zhonghong Plaza is in a state of suspension.According to the assessment of Zhejiang Guoxin Real Estate Land Appraisal Consulting Co., Ltd., the assessment report issued in May last year, the main structure of the first phase of Zhonghong Plaza has been completed, the facade is dry hanging stone, the construction has not been completed, the interior is rough, and the water and electricity pipelinePre-buried, the doors and windows have not been installed, and the overall maintenance status is better.Zhejiang Guoxin Real Estate Land Appraisal Consulting Co., Ltd.’s evaluation of Jinan Zhonghong Plaza Phase I and Phase II commercial real estate under construction shows that at the time of value (March 20, 1999), the value of the first phase of the project is:RMB 200.274 million, of which the value of land use rights is RMB 55.792 million and the value of buildings is RMB 144.482 million; the value of the second phase evaluation is RMB 18.65 million, of which the value of land use rights is RMB 7.89 million and the value of buildings is RMB 10.76 million.It is said that the Alibaba auction platform, Jinan Zhonghong Plaza set a starting price of 15 for the last auction.$ 362.6 billion, 76% of the project ‘s estimate.Jinan Zhonghong Plaza is not the only Zhonghong asset that has entered the auction process.According to the report of the Alibaba platform on March 6, Beijing ‘s Third Intermediate People ‘s Court will auction the ownership of some real estate projects under construction in Phase 2 (Building No. 6) of Ciyunsi Weijian Community, Chaoyang District, Beijing in the first four months.The state-owned land use rights (commercial, office, underground garage, underground storage use) are allocated. The project is Beijing Zhonghong Building, with a starting price of 22.6.2 billion yuan.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhao Yibo Zhu Yueyi Editor Zhao Ze proofreading Chen Diyan