• Zhang Zhaoxu was injured during the physical examination, CBA will reform next season
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Zhang Zhaoxu was injured during the physical examination, CBA will reform next season
The physical examination of CBA players in the 2019-2020 season ended today. In the weight-bearing squat and bench press test conducted on the last morning, Shanghai men’s basketball team Zhang Zhaoxu was sent to the hospital with a waist injury while squatting.After the accident, the CBA League official issued a micro-text saying that the existing physical test program cannot truly reflect the problem, and the physical test program will be reformed next season.Zhang Zhaoxu carried out a weight-bearing squat test.Video screenshot Zhang Zhaoxu suffered a recurrence of an old waist injury and fell to the ground.The weight of the squat in the video screenshot is 100kg, and the conversion score according to the number of player completions is included in the total score.Zhang Zhaoxu shouted that his waist was appropriate during the test, and then dropped the instrument and lay directly on the ground, causing great pain. He was then taken to the hospital by an ambulance.The CBA league official revealed that Zhang Zhaoxu was initially diagnosed with an acute contusion in the waist that caused a relapse of the old injury.This is not the first time a player has caused injuries in a physical examination affecting the new season.In 2016, Li Xiaoxu of the Liaoning team ruptured his Achilles tendon in a special speed endurance test (return run), resulting in reimbursement for the season.Beginning in 2017, the full-staff test replaces the random selection of 2 people from each team for testing.Last year, Wang Zhelin failed the test.CBA physical examination has always been a controversial existence.The CBA League said that the original intention of the physical examination was to supervise the players of various clubs to strengthen basketball basic skills and physical fitness comprehensive training to improve the level of confrontation in the game; at the same time, they also admitted, “Truely reflect the ability and level of each player.”, The CBA Alliance promises to conduct in-depth communication with the Chinese Basketball Association, CBA clubs, insurance agencies and other relevant professional departments to do more detailed research on the scientificity and pertinence of physical examination,” especially based on the player’s age, position on the field,More scientific and reasonable arrangements should be made for the setting of specific project options, and a new physical test plan should be formed as soon as possible, which will be implemented in the physical test next season. “Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Li Ming