• of course,This age has reached the monk level,Of course it is a genius of cultivation!
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But these basically have nothing to do with Qin Feng for the time being,Now taken by Wang Yi, the teaching director,In fact, it’s more about visiting and introducing each other。
Qin Feng also felt a little magical,After all, Director Wang is not like that kind of idle worker,It will be so boring to take a student as an instructor。Unless this student comes from a rich family,Need to please deliberately。
Qin Feng clearly knew that he was a monk, Mengxin,There can be no background or anything。So he can’t understand。
But a school of several thousand square meters is actually not too big,So I probably walked around in a short time。
Due to special craftsmanship,So it’s impossible to be affected by bad weather。At most“Extracurricular activities”I can’t get out of the house when。
“All right,I probably walked around。Let me introduce you to the college。”Wang Yi said。
Qin Feng thought:Finally able to enter the topic。
After all, for the existence of this college,Qin Feng himself is curious。
“If we insist on where our college belongs,Should still be there,A pan-national joint ownership。”
“Pan-national joint ownership?”Qin Feng knows nothing about this title。
“Ok,At least some people know our existence。And the meaning of our existence,how to say,Hundreds of years ago,There are monks from alien civilization entering us this week,According to that person’s idea,Nature is to rule the planet,Trample everyone underfoot。At that time, the local monks directly united to fight against that one。That battle hit the mountains and rivers to break,Even if our side wins in the end。But also suffered heavy losses。”
“Also because of this,Our world monk coalition appeared。After you join the monk academy,Even one of the world coalition forces。If there is another invasion of alien civilization,You have to shoulder the responsibility of guarding。”Wang Yi smiled and explained。
But listen to him,This person doesn’t seem to take this matter seriously, right?After all, he has never experienced that era and that event。

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