• KD Durant injured truce or extended the same injury player only played 38 games
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KD Durant injured truce or extended the same injury player only played 38 games
On October 14, Beijing time, after the rumor of Kevin Durant’s injury was reported yesterday, how long this new regular season MVP will be injured has become the most serious problem for people.According to NBC reports, the Portland Trail Blazers second-year guard has suffered the same injury.J.-Mike Corum poured cold water on the fans.He believes that even if Adu is absent longer than expected, it does not take longer.  Mike Columb felt the same about Adu’s injury.During his graduation season at Lehigh University, he also suffered the same injury as Durant, the fifth metatarsal shaft fracture known as the Jones fracture.  Mike Corum’s subsequent experience proves why this injury is difficult to overcome.He underwent surgery and implanted steel nails into his injured foot (Adu may choose the same surgery).However, during the training camp before last season, Mike Columbine suffered a recurrence of injury, and the same foot was injured.But this time he chose a conservative treatment that did not include surgery. In the end, his rookie season did not debut until January this year, and he played only 38 games in the regular season.  In an interview with “The Oregonian” recently, Mike Columb also noticed Adu.To be honest, I am sorry for him, he said, I have suffered such injuries twice.You also hope that all players are healthy, but if anyone can survive this injury, I believe it is him.They have excellent medical teams.It seems that it was discovered very early, and did not make the situation unmanageable.  He went on to say: In addition to surgery, there are other alternatives, and after all, this is his first time suffering such injuries, so I think they are likely to choose surgery.Regardless of the method taken, this is a refractory injury, a fracture with exactly the same degree of recovery, and the location of the steel nail implantation.This involves all aspects, but if they are saying that they can be cured in 4 to 6 weeks, Adu is likely to truce for more than 8 to 10 weeks.(The United Nations expects Adu to truce for 6-8 weeks.) Adu’s injury time is likely to exceed expectations. After all, the Thunder have always been very cautious about the young core of the team’s injury.After all, this is just the beginning of the season, and even this may affect the Thunder’s regular season rankings. They still need to focus on the long-term and consider more for the playoffs.  I hope that Adu’s health will be smoother than that of Mike Columb, but people still have shadows in their hearts: after all, foot injuries are no small matter.(Demon)