• Beneficiary too much entertainment expression, replaced the film’s social concern
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“Beneficiary” too much entertainment expression, replaced the film’s social concern
“Beneficiary” is a movie that has attracted more attention recently. This work has been blessed by Ning Hao’s company “Bad Monkey”, and the addition of Dapeng, Liu Yan and others can be said to have earned the expectations of the audience.However, the film has had a mixed reputation since it was launched, and there are even commendable points, but in essence, there is not too much entertaining mortar.The story of the movie is not complicated, and it is still a traditional drama in nature. In order to treat the child, Wu Hai, who is encouraged by his friend Zhong Accounting, wants to deceive the female anchor Miao Miao to get married, and plans to kill it after it is done.Defraud insurance.But after a series of yin and yang errors, Wu Hai and Miao Miao had real emotions, and the movie ended in a happy ending.”Beneficiary” stills.Although there are too many comments that this movie has too many remarkable things, it seems to reflect the true grief of the small person, which reverts the tagged symbol of “live girl”; some expose some of the societyThese inequalities are a sincere work.Indeed, this film partly reflects the unreasonable distribution of society. Greedy people such as Zhong accountant embezzled public funds under the direction of dignitaries, and one person has multiple properties; while poverty, like Wu Hai, can only be continuously deceived and hurt; at leastIt seems to be a vanity, but it also carries a heavy family burden. Behind her is the group of people who have been deprived and have no way out.These are all places where Beneficiary can be effectively connected with the real life of the audience.But unfortunately, although these praises all have some truth, it is undeniable that the essence of “Beneficiary” is a down-to-earth entertainment film. The social focus of this film has been replaced by too many entertainment expressions, charactersThe exaggeration of the image and the unreasonable story can not get the widest empathy of the audience, so it is difficult to carry a deeper meaning.It is found that the movies of small people are potentially very popular with audiences, and tears in laughter is an overall style of such movies.In addition to “I am not a drug god”, so did last year’s “Nameless Generation”.The reason why these movies have won the unanimous favor of the audience is that these movies not only poked the pain points that are common in the society, but also used a comedy way to decompress the audience.Writing tragedy in a comedy way, packing the heavy connotation with a playful shell, this way allows some heavy social interests to be accepted by the widest audience and enriches the space of the theater line.”Beneficiary” could have better achieved such artistic appeal, but because the character and story of this movie are over exaggerated, the plot is mainly driven by coincidence and the emotions of the characters are too simple, in addition to constantly throwing some jokeAnd outstanding, to attract the attention of the audience, can not effectively deepen the theme of the story.Therefore, the process of watching “Beneficiary” becomes a feeling like drinking sugar-free cola. In the theater, I feel some joy, but it will not last long, and the movie gives people limited aftertaste.It has to be said that the movie’s attitude towards the consumption of female characters also makes the audience feel slightly inadequate. The core contradiction of the movie is how Wu Hai and Zhong Accounting deceived Miao Miao and made jokes by failing plots again and again.The essence of this story is how men deceive women, and women forgive them time and time again.This way of telling stories is too old-fashioned, and it’s also because the emotions behind the forgiveness of the countless renderings of the movie give the audience, especially the female audience, some offense.”Beneficiary” stills, the whole movie is still magnifying Liu Yan’s feminine traits.We know that Wu Hai had no real feelings for Miao Miao at the beginning. Although he was moved later, it was based on Miao Miao’s true commitment to himself.The core is still selfish, this set of narrative rules may be often seen in the movies of the last century, but it has long been incompatible with the spirit of the times today.Paradoxically, one of the reasons why “Beneficiary” has received attention is the breakthrough of the film’s heroine Liu Yan. I have to say that Liu Yan showed a live broadcast girl born in the rural area of Hunan to lively.People were impressed by this long-known “vase”.So it is not difficult to think of the rumours about this leader in the previous news, how she was teased because of her beautiful figure.”Beneficiary” acknowledged Liu Yan’s acting skills in the movie and acknowledged her acting skills; prolonging the feminine traits of Liu Yan’s body that was still amplified by alternatives, etc. Reminiscent of the film’s vast situation.Being deceived by her husband outside, the movie “Beneficiary” actually gave people some desolate feelings.Of course, with the development of film art to this day, commercial films have established a set of rules to stimulate audience imitation. “Beneficiaries” is only used in a sophisticated manner. Instead of affirming the proficient skills of this film director, we also have to feel someregret.”Beneficiaries” failed to become the established rule of the typical film stereotypes, resulting in the use of some excessive entertainment and vulgar interference, entertainment is greater than social expression.□ Yu Yu (film critic) editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen proofreading Zhai Yongjun