• Liu Xiang is unlikely to participate in the 2015 Beijing IAAF World Athletics Championships
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Liu Xiang is unlikely to participate in the 2015 Beijing IAAF World Athletics Championships
The Beijing Athletics World Championships was officially announced, the cheapest is only 10 yuan.  At 9:30 this morning, the 200-day countdown press conference of the 2015 Beijing IAAF World Athletics Championships was held in the Golden Hall of Beijing National Stadium.At the press conference, the ticketing policy for the event was officially announced, and seven outstanding track and field athletes such as Liu Xiang were announced as event promotion ambassadors.  This year, the World Championships in Athletics came to China for the first time.In order to meet the needs of all ages and classes, the competition has set up different types and prices of tickets.  According to Chen Jie, the executive deputy secretary-general of the organizing committee of the tournament, the World Championships are divided into the morning schedule and the afternoon schedule, and tickets can be purchased separately.There is also a one-day pass with a minimum fare of 50 yuan and a maximum of 1,000 yuan.Tickets are divided into different grades for sale according to the competition schedule.The competition also launched a complete set of tickets for nine consecutive days, with a minimum package price of 1200 yuan and a maximum of 7136 yuan.  In addition, the event also offers special tickets for teenagers and students at school, the lowest price is only 10 yuan.  The opening ceremony of the competition is scheduled for August 22 at the Bird’s Nest Antiques. Tickets for the opening ceremony will be sold separately.Tickets for all events and the opening ceremony can be booked through the official website of the 2015 Beijing IAAF World Championships.  Relevant news Liu Xiang does not participate in the attention of the small print generation. At the same time as the ticket sales started, the organizing committee of the World Championships in Track and Field also announced the list of seven event promotion ambassadors.  Hurdle trapeze Liu Xiang, Chen Ding, gold medalist at the 2012 London Olympics, Zhang Peimeng, the second yellow man who touched the ten-second mark in the 100-meter run, the first Chinese long jumper Li Jinzhe to reach the runner-up podium of the world’s highest level track and field competition, Tsinghua UniversityHigh jumper Wang Yu, London Olympics shot put third runner-up Gong Lijiao, 2009 World Championship runner-up Liu Hong seven famous generals will introduce the charm of Tiantan’s top event in various ways as the World Championship arrives.  When he was going to participate in the World Championships in track and field in Beijing at that time, Liu Xiang said frankly: It may not be a big deal at present, and it is not certain when to return to the arena.  However, Liu Xiang said that China’s current track and field level has been greatly improved, and many events have entered the top eight in the world competition.Young people such as Chen Ding and Wang Yu have become new hopes for Chinese track and field, and they have become more and more concerned about Chinese track and field.  In addition, Liu Xiang is expected to participate in the competition is the most valuable asset for young people.Don’t care about ranking, experience is the most important.  However, although Liu Xiang said that the chances of participating in the World Championships in track and field are not big, but he may come to the arena to participate in another way, passing positive positive energy.(Intern reporter Zhang Qian)