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Go all the way,The teenager never said a word,Liu Zhimin wanted to speak a few times,But the boy seems to be thinking about problems,He didn’t bother to bother。
Unite everyone,Liu Zhimin briefly talked about the great white python,Chen Qihang heard that there was a mutant great white python,Frustrated,Decided to return。
There were no accidents on the way back,Back to the pier in less than twenty minutes。Liu Zhimin walks ahead,Looking back but no boy,The team beside him said that Gan Yifan did not go down the mountain,Send them to the stone steps and leave。
Ning Xichen got off the yacht,I feel strange not to see Gan Yifan,Liu Zhimin briefly told the story,She yelled to the mountain,I didn’t hear Gan Yifan respond,No longer stay,Departure and return。
Gan Yifan actually didn’t go far,He is standing not far from the stone steps,He heard Ning Xichen’s shout,I just have doubts in my heart,I just want them to leave soon,So he can find the monster to figure it out,There is no response。
Soon after the yacht left,He hung his carry-on bag on the tree,Quickly descend into the lake,Came to the cave at the bottom of the lake,I told the story once I saw the monster,Focus on the scene of burning the great white python。
The monster suddenly rolled on the ground,Make a human-like laugh,Obviously very happy。
Gan Yifan:“Don’t be happy too early,Only one time,I want to try again later,But I can’t find the strange feeling。”
Monster grunt,Mean to say:“As long as there is one success,There will be a second and third time,Then you can master。”
“Hope so。”Gan Yifan can understand the meaning of the monster,Ran into the stone house to the innermost,Pour a few mouthfuls of spring water,He also wants to experience that wonderful feeling once,It’s a pity that I didn’t succeed。
“I’m hungry,Want to eat fish,A whole fish。”
He is very hungry today。

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