Li Jiaxing touched her round belly,While pulling out a few pages of information from the briefcase,Pass it to Qiao Tianyu。
“Boss,The data has been studied,This is the research result,Let me report to you。”Li Jiaxing said。
“Judging from the historical trading data of the four ace traders,Each of their four transactions has its own characteristics,And the characteristics are particularly distinctive!”
“First, let’s talk about Yuichiro Takuya, President of Sakura Fund,Judging from historical transaction data,He is a typical‘Long-short strategy’Trading master。”
“His trading feature is that he doesn’t see rabbits or scatter eagles.,Do not believe in any technical analysis results,Do not believe in expectations。”
“I want him to do it,There must be a clear short or long signal in the market,Otherwise he would rather stand still。”
“Steven˙Green,The characteristics are also very distinct。”
“The opposite of Takuya Yuichiro,Green is a typical model data pie,All his transactions are based on arbitrage model calculation results,Speak unceremoniously,He is just a puppet of the arbitrage model。”
“Arbitrage data model,Did you investigate further?”Qiao Tianyu asked anxiously。
“Boss,You should know,Arbitrage data model,All traders’ top secret,Will definitely not be announced。”
“But judging from historical transaction data,Stephen˙Green’s arbitrage model,It is likely to be a joint research and development of the Department of Mathematics and Finance of Harvard University three years ago,I remember they asked me to help check。”
“But I am not quite sure,So this time I go back to Boston,I just want to go back and find out,Determine if it is the arbitrage model。”
“If it is really that model,Steven˙Green became a transparent person in front of us,Let’s take care of it!”

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